What is permetect?

Over 20 years of experience in finishing military fabrics for all European armies, have created an expertise beyond compare. This know-how is now being put at the civilian market for both professional and free-time users



What makes Permetect so special ?

The unique copolymere structure combines a durable effect (100 home washings at 60°C) with a remarakble bio-activity. These were tested at independent, non-commercial military laboratories, and guarantee the efficiency of the finish, virtually as long as the garment lasts.

The safety of the wearer was also intensively researched and resulted in a Skin friendly seal of approval (Hohenstein)


Okotex 100 approved

100 % European product

Can be washed at home without any restrictions




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The formulation is always specially adapted to the end-use:

Permetect : for the hunter, fisherman, mountainbiker, hiker, camper…: light and casual fabrics with a sporty touch and look

Permetect Pro: for the professional user : gardening, farming, forrestry ,security guard, police and military forces, waste disposal and recycling : very robust and durable fabrics with a workwear approach.


More exhaustive documentation can be sent at simple request.

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